Residential Care for Seniors

Residential Care Homes that feel like a family home



Grace Homes – Oakridge is an 6 bedroom residential care home serving up to 6 seniors and persons with disabilities. We can accommodate residents with Parkinson’s, COPD, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cognitive challenges or dementia, chronic healthcare challenges, and persons with disabilities including those who require a 2-person transfer or mechanical lift. This rambler home is set on an acre lot nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood surrounded by mature pine trees in Hopkins, Minnesota.



Wilshire Walk Residential Care Home

Wilshire Walk

Grace Homes – Wilshire Walk is a 5 bedroom residential care home for seniors with Parkinson’s, COPD, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cognitive challenges or dementia, and other chronic healthcare challenges. We can accommodate up to 6 residents who require less than a 2-person transfer. This rambler home located next door to Grace Homes – Oakridge.





Walnut Lodge Residential Care Home

Walnut Lodge

Grace Homes – Walnut Lodge is a 5 bedroom residential care home for up to 6 seniors and persons with disabilities, providing expert, comprehensive care in a home-like environment. Offering assisted living services that allow our residents to enjoy activities and independence, with the comfort of knowing on-site health care and personal assistance is there when they need it. Walnut Lodge is ideal for people with chronic health needs, cognitive challenges, or dementia, and end of life transition.




We offer 24/7 care provided by health care professionals and support staff who are specially trained to manage the unique needs of residents living with memory loss and cognitive decline. We focus on providing a safe, familiar and stimulating family home environment. We are conveniently located on Oakridge Road, at the intersection of Hwy 7 and Oakridge Road in Hopkins, MN

To schedule a tour, please call us at: 952-451-5647

Our Philosophy

Gardening at our residential care homeWe believe activities that revolve around the daily jobs and duties that one would do at home can enrich each resident’s quality of life. We gently encourage residents to participate in their own personal care, as well as help the staff bake, garden and plan celebrations.





We're Pet Friendly

We’re Pet Friendly

“My mother recently celebrated her 91st birthday at Grace Homes. She has lived in this care home for several years, and during that time, my mother has thrived. I believe one of the main reasons she has thrived is that the care she receives is excellent. She suffers from memory loss, and over the past few years, the staff has encouraged her to be more physically active, to eat better, and to take fewer medications. Under the close supervision of the staff, she has continued to remain upbeat and positive about her life, and whenever I visit her, she is always cheerful and optimistic. She is also very proud of her own private room, which has been furnished with family photos and memorabilia. I was very touched to see that the staff, with the help of my youngest brother and his wife, have displayed several oil paintings that my mother completed when she was in her early seventies. I am so grateful that my mother has such excellent care!”
Daughter of a resident