Memory Care

Memory Care

Our memory care home focuses on the individual person and providing a safe, familiar, yet stimulating environment. Our staff is trained to value each senior and to recognize the different tastes, preferences and needs at each stage of their lives.

Providing care for seniors with  Alzheimer’s or other memory impairments can be challenging, but we have created an environment that works. We recognize that memory loss affects every resident (and their loved ones) differently, so our focus is on understanding each individual senior and providing care they respond to positively. Our staffing ratio of a minimum of 1 Certified Nursing Assistant per 5 residents on duty at all times allows us to provide this individual attention.

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease

Our People are the Difference

Compassionate care starts with our staff who are specially trained to manage the unique needs of residents living with memory loss and cognitive decline. They look for opportunities to help residents succeed at familiar tasks. These tasks are usually something simple like getting the mail or baking cookies. Getting to know seniors and their individual personalities is key, so that our staff can help create situations in which residents feel safe, secure and engaged.

We work with residents to identify what past activities can be drawn upon to reengage them in more purposeful lives, today. We strive to provide enriching experiences for residents by taking time to talk with them and their families so we can learn about past routines, preferences and dislikes.

Our home environment is designed for seniors with memory loss. The home is one level so all residents can more easily find their bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living room. Entrances to the home are secured for safety.

We involve residents in familiar daily routines such as gardening, baking, and decorating for the holidays.  The dog, cat and birds in our homes provide on-going comfort and stimulation for our residents.

As we respect the fact that individuals have their own needs and preferences right from the beginning,  so a member of our team meets with our residents and family before they move in to help determine personalized care and service.

We focus on preserving each resident’s dignity, encouraging independence and enabling freedom of choice. Our care includes help with personal hygiene and grooming, dressing and clothes selection, showering and bathing, assistance with eating, continence management, mobility, social engagement and medication management.