Holistic Nursing Care

Holistic Nursing Care for Seniors

Our holistic nursing care includes:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables daily
  • Daily Exercise
  • Light Therapy (Nov – April)
  • Pet Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Community Outings
  • Minimal medications
  • Spiritual services from community clergy

“Our residents receive daily exercise, eat nourishing food, spend time outdoors, take minimal prescription drugs, and participate in daily activities of the household so they are active and engaged during the day and sleep better at night.”
~Grace Buchanan RN, Owner of Grace Homes


We serve familiar, American style home cooked meals at Grace Homes.  All meals are prepared by the staff of Grace Homes on site. Our daily menu includes fresh fruit and vegetables, many of them organic.  Every Friday night is fish dinner.  We serve organic tomatoes from our on-site garden in the summer and early fall.


Our residents able to participate exercise daily in the morning in a group exercise class. Indoor and outdoor walks are also provided for our ambulatory residents.

Light Therapy

November through April  residents receive 10 – 15 minutes of Light-box therapy to help boost their mood and increase their vitamin D levels. The rest of the year they go outside every day possible for natural sunlight.
Light Therapy

Massage Therapy

Our residents are offered full or partial body massages monthly for those choosing this service.
Massage therapy - holistic nursing care for seniors

Minimal Medication

Our residents feel better and are more engaged when they take only those prescription drugs that are absolutely necessary for their health. All medications are routinely reviewed by the health care team to determine their necessity. Unnecessary drugs are weaned under the physician’s guidance.

Pet Therapy

Trained and certified therapy dogs, along with a therapy rabbit and other pocket pets routinely interact with residents. Lexi a grey cat lives in Oakridge and there is a large bird aviary at Wilshire Walk. Well-behaved dogs visit both homes routinely.
Pet therapy - holistic nursing care for seniors


Our Activities Director Sherry leads interactive music sessions with the accordion and singing 1-2 times a week.  We also have various musicians who perform regularly including Barbara Lee Friedman of Music Memories, and various groups from the community.
Music Therapy - holistic nursing care for seniors


Are provided periodically to attractions in the area. Past outings have included  Dairy Queen, fishing at Lake Riley off a pontoon boat, and lunch at Monka Beans in downtown Hopkins.

Social Engagement and Household Chores

We provide daily planned activities for resident engagement. Some residents also help with daily chores including laundry folding, and fetching the mail, which increases self-esteem and helps delay cognitive decline. Planned activities include music therapy, baking, flower planting, holiday decorating, birthday parties and Happy Hour with beverages, appetizers, socializing and music.

Spiritual Support

Local clergy visit on a regular basis to provide various spiritual services to our residents who are of different faith backgrounds. We welcome and support residents from all spiritual backgrounds.