Podcasts for Seniors

They’re not just for computer geeks anymore. Last year, more than 112 million Americans said they listen to podcasts, and that was an increase of 11% over the previous year. Podcast Insights reports that nearly 44% of us have listened to at least one podcast, and nearly half of us do so at home.

As we age, many of us experience problems with vision. Reading is something we sadly have to give up. A growing number of seniors are discovering they can still keep up with what’s going on in the world by listening to podcasts. The main benefit is that these audio recordings can be stopped and started, repeated – and even slowed down.

Why podcasts appeal to seniors

Podcasting has many benefits, including psychological ones that are fine tuned for older adults. A recent Atlantic article explains that there’s an emotional appeal to listening. Older adults listening to podcasts are able to create their own versions of what they hear in these stories. Their brains become more active because information is processed at the pace it’s played.

Unlike books or television, podcasts are not visual. So our brains are engaged differently. These different areas of the brain help seniors with cognitive health. The best part about podcasts is that nearly all of them are free. FastCompany recently estimated that there are over half a million podcast shows, which have generated over 18.5 million episodes.

Amazing variety

Here’s a list of podcasts that have become popular with older adults:

Good Job, Brain! Seniors enjoy this podcast because it’s filled with trivia and includes an interactive quiz show.

Lux Radio Theater. Some older adults may recognize this title as a radio show that was produced in the 1930s through the 1950s. The original radio show adapted state plays and films for radio, and they included big name actors from Judy Garland to John Wayne. The podcast is available on iTunes, and it’s just as good as the original.

Planet Money. Some people think the name alone is a big yawn – but most listeners get hooked after just a single podcast. It’s produced by NPR, and each episode is humorous. You’ll laugh out loud as you learn what’s going on with the economy.

This American Life. Nearly 3 million people listen to this podcast weekly. It’s been running since 1995, so there are plenty of past podcast episodes.

All you need to listen to a podcast is an internet connection!

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