Oakridge Care Home

Oakridge Home is a secure, private, six bedroom home for seniors and persons with disabilities. The home is nestled in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by mature pine trees and is next door to our Wilshire Walk home.

Oakridge is conveniently located in the western suburbs near highways 169 and Hwy 7 in Hopkins Minnesota. This large 4,500 square foot single level home provides a comfortable space with 24/7 nursing care.

Our residents feel like they are at home in our one level family-style care home that accommodates wheelchairs throughout. There are visiting dogs, a cat, and  parakeet in the home. There are always at least two Certified Nursing Assistants on duty at all times to provide patient, personalized care to our residents.

Physical design and security specific to seniors with dementia

All exit doors have keypad locks which lock automatically when closed. Exit doors also have pleasant chimes that sound when the door is opened. Safety monitors are set in the rooms of residents who are are at high risk for falls due to memory loss and or physical disability. Hallways are short, which makes common areas easily accessible by all.

Our home contains live plants and flowers to boost mood and improve air quality.