Understanding Sundowning

It’s not depression. It’s not a disease, either. Sundowning is actually a group of symptoms. In combination, they often mimic depression—and it’s also easy to think of it as a manifestation of dementia. Especially when studies report that 1 in 5 seniors with Alzheimer’s disease experience increased depression, agitation, and confusion toward the end of the day. More study is needed. The exact cause of sundowning still isn’t known—but there are factors which contribute to it that can be controlled. Reduced Light Vision becomes even more challenging for the elderly as the sun’s natural light fades. Many are already challenged … Read more

Loneliness: More Than Just A State Of Mind

Loneliness might be a never-ending source for songwriters, but it’s something that we want to avoid if we want to stay healthy. The older we get, higher the odds are that we’ll feel lonely. A recent AARP study shows that 35% of the survey respondents age 55 or older claimed they were lonely. It’s not all in our minds. Extended feelings of loneliness have been linked to physical ailments such as high blood pressure and abdominal obesity. It also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The good news is that there are many ways to combat … Read more